Monday, December 26, 2005

well, if you can't spread democracy... might as well save their souls:

I guess gmail identified me as a disgruntled arab male in search of the real salaam. I just hope none of your federal dollars go into this shit.

Has anyone heard the orthodox patriarch from Antakya? Here in kuwait, the arab bbc radio has him on serious britney spears-esque rotation. However, I am not so sure if his comments were directed so much to appease the arab world as much as a back-handed way to insult other christians, especially the crazy protestant missionary groups in Iraq. Clearly, all we need now in Iraq is a heavy dose of millenarian fundamentalist christianity--you know, the kind that defined the term fundamental. Teach the Zarqawi-ites how to really go nuts. Or maybe, try to script this conflict like the one waiting to re-explode.


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