Saturday, May 07, 2005

Comps accomplished, apparently am distinctive

Woo hoo! Passed the MA comprehensive exams, got "Distinction" (I guess the academic equivalent of Bling-Bling, pointless but somehow necessary). I know once you get your Ph.d. your grades are permenantly sealed, so no one can see how badly you did in say Core Bio if you end up as a bio-ethicist or something. I guess it stays on the good'ol vita, which is a relatively public document (unlike a resume, which you rarely find on the web). I am wondering who it would matter to, and the only thing I can think of is for Phd thesis grants. Surely not when they are hiring. At that point its all scholarship and good looks.

In other news, went to see a kick-ass show by the Decemberists and though I am not usually a fan of pale white geek rock, their lyrical integrity was startingly impressive. It was in the 9:30 club, and if you know that venue you know how loud it can get, but you could still actually hear the lyrics. To be honest, I don't remember a show where you can actually hear singing, perhaps Smashing Pumpkins in San Fran circa Ava Adore. The only thing I worry about these guys is shelf life, like I really can't stand to hear Belle and Sebastian now. Postal Service so far is carrying well, I like the bounceyness of the drum machine tracks, but I am not too sure if you can include a drum machine as a permanent member of your band. You know, there is a lot of good music these days, like Nine Inch Nails single "The Hand that Feeds" was really impressive. I didn't think Trent Reznor could get out of his downward spiral, but alas, I am proved wrong. What happened to my Grime fascination? Who knows, think that was a little too ahead of the curve. I really don't like this post, has absolutely no point to it except taking me away from my final paper for Ken Pollack's class.


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