Saturday, April 23, 2005

Becker-Posner on Country Size

I posted the following comment:

"I have a somewhat related question about institutions & country size. Since the US is so large, is it then more beneficial for the US economy to increase immigration rather than increase outsourcing? Would the country size argument be somewhat in support of this, in the sense that by taking away the managerial and creative talents from large countries such as India and China, it would increase the talent pool for the US and decrease it for other countries?"

I guess the subtext which I shied away from explicitly saying is that should people begin to worry when americans start immigrating to say China & India? Does that reverse brain-drain become an accurate indicator of civilizational tilt? I guess language barriers are somewhat severe, but then again it hasn't stopped the indian or the chinese person from coming to the US. I had a discussion with Jake Katz about this, and he thinks the immigration will go towards countries that will have an auxilary role for China, but are still western-friendly (say australia, singapore, hong kong, etc.) Will the middle east play a similar auxiliary role? I think it might as well just stay as it is; i.e. the Amaco of death for the world.*

*The Amaco of death is a gas station in a nasty intersection in hyde park which is known for its "higher than average occurance" of shootings. It also happens to be the only place to get cigarettes & snacks in the middle of the night. So, like my hood of origin, its a funny place where desperation and risk meet.


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